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The Rainbow – Poem I wrote today

Across the hemisphere of life the purple haze quivers in the wind, ever turning, iridescent, fragile on the curvature of space.

Golden hues eternal, at distant ends glows the wealth of men who spend in life and death the festive heart of autumnal rays.

Green smells virginal on skin and beast and well,and in winter the dew drops fragment on rays that magic spell.

The dragon claims his victim red by flaying the dead. In the stillness of time, no mortal lives through an infinite sky. Will heart and soul of a Love’s red sorrow end?

Across fathomless depths the hue of yellow glows a halo, lost in waters ebb and flow.

Blue eternal light, a canopy unfolds across stars bright and white sword of Damocles cuts though the age which is split by might.

Purple monolith of hope grows tall against eagle black canopy of death and against such darkened shroud the stars prick through the majestic splendour of night

Not immortal am I but for a shining star about some rounded hour and past the rainbow’s end I come back again for Love, Love whose folded  arms upon  a lake  celebrates a verdant beauty in the wake of perilous fate.

Procrastinate no more, for that Love,Love between Man and Man is a wonder I do relate. And through time I hope, over distant glade like the rainbow will not fade.

Sed in umbra vitae, et in umbra cornu avem.

(Life is but a shadow, a shadow of a bird wing)

Will Parsons

28 July 2017



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